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Customer Comments


From James M
Thanks Steve. The bike has been a joy to ride. Love the bike and have been riding more than ever. You have an incredible staff that keeps my bike at peak performance.


From Mike K

I have dealt with quite a few bike shops in PA in one form or another,but this shop is my all time favorite because its #1 a nice clean shop, #2 with a nice clean bathroom #3 with a staff that really knows what they are talking about #4 Never pressures you into buying #5 Helpful even if its not a big sale #6 willing to spend the time answering your Questions. All the things you want in a bike shop. My go to place for bikes.  Just bought a new Pivot and could not be more happy with the service. Do not hesitate doing business here.


From Bill P

I bought a Giant bike (Defy Advanced 2) from you last fall and really didn’t get a chance to ride it until today.

After getting keo clips, shoes, and a new helmet, I was ready.  I was shocked.  It was a paradigm shift.  I flew.  I couldn’t believe the energy transfer.  Great, it was worth the 3k.

I have been riding since 1970;  Bottechhia, Viscount, Nishiki, Specialized Aleze.  Nothing comes close to the feel, comfort and speed of this bike.

From Lynda Gene

SV Bikes has a welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable, down-to-earth staff. They always take the time to answer my questions and have helped me become a better cyclist.  I confidently recommend them to beginners, because I know Steve and his staff are passionate about helping people of all shapes and sizes discover the joys of the bike.

From D Merkel, via email

I wanted to take the time to complement you on your new shop. As you know , When I left the Lehigh Valley Area , and moved to the Mid west , it was an opportunity to better myself and family. My job allows me to take my bike with me and visit local trails throughout the . Though we don’t have much elevation, we do have mile upon miles of super fast flowing single track. This said, I also enjoy the perks of casing every bike shop in every town I visit. My counterparts  just laugh when I’m on the road, they know if I don’t answer my cell, I am usually in a bike shop somewhere. This brings me to what I wanted to tell you. During my visit back east, one of my goals was to visit the new Saucon Valley Bikes. Unfortunately you were not there , but Josh was. The shop (Not only incredible in design) was stocked with all parts I needed to finish my Yeti 575 build. That’s right, in traveling through numerous cities and towns, I have yet to find a shop, short of Sedona , that is able to assist in my needs. If you ever question if your doing it correct, I will tell you to walk into any bike shop, and have literally 5 different choices for a stem, 3 choices for seat posts, and the carbon bars I needed. As always you exceed my expectations of what a bike shop should be

Thanks again pal, I will be calling you in the fall for a Superlight build

From KeyLime on mtbreview

Finally a local shop that doesn’t feel like a rat trap. Every time you step into the shop, you’re among riders because every staff member is a rider- there are no ‘sales’ people, only riders who ride locally and know what it is like out there. This is a full service shop that caters to people from the local sidewalk cruiser to the downhill extremist. You will never be disapointed when you walk out of this shop. Also, there are always great deals on womens specific gear.

From Rudy18 on mtbreview:

Shop Summary: I actually met Steve, the owner, on a ride before I knew he owned SVB. He was great to ride with (and once trued my wheel in the middle of a ride). Since then he and the other guys and gal have been a breath of fresh air as far as bike shops go. They are always willing and wanting to answer your questions. They are incredibly knowledgable about all aspects of riding. When it comes to deals, let me tell ya about deals. Steve will always try to do what he can for people. He cut me a break countless times on stuff; most recently, my new Heckler frame with a DHX 5.0 Air. He even helped me make a very difficult decision about that purchase without trying to upsale me. I’m very appreciative of that. If you live within an hour or 2 drive, SVB is worth the trip. Just make sure it isn’t a Sunday or Monday….They’re out riding!

Customer Service: Exemplary…Josh, Chris and Liz are fenominal. I could hang out in the shop for hours picking their brains.

Other Comments: Steve even put the word out for me about my old VT frame being for sale after I bought the Heckler. Now what shop owner will do that? I wish there was an All Mountain rider description on these reviews, because that’s what we do here in the Lehigh Valley.

From hellspawn3123 on mtbreview:

Shop Summary: Whatever type of riding your into, this shop has you covered. They carry all types of bikes for all ages and ability levels. If you’re just starting out with a bike, they can help steer you toward the best bike to suit your needs. Check out there website for all the juicy details on their product lines and services. They have a great selection of in-stock items, and IF they don’t have what you’re looking for, they’ll order it for you and have it in just a few days.

Customer Service: Customer service is top-notch. When you go to this shop you don’t feel like you’re dealing with a sales person or a bike shop employee. They make you feel like you’re part of THEIR team. There is no pressure to make a purchase, and they won’t even make a suggestion without listening to what you have to say and ask questions to make sure they understand what you are looking for and need.

Other Comments: Everyone who works at the shop is a rider, so they know what it’s like to be in your shoes. They ride all the local trails, support local bike clubs, organize weekly group rides and special events. They break their bones in dirt jump competitions, and at the Blue Mtn freeze ride. They have movie premiers for cool new cycling movies… The bottom line: These guys know what’s going on in the cycling world. They’re as much into riding as anyone out there. They’re great mechanics. They’re willing to teach you new skills. The only warning I have for someone going to this shop would be… If you DON’T want to be excited about riding a bike, then don’t go to Saucon Valley Bikes, because you WILL leave smiling, happy, and wanting to get out and ride IMMEDIATELY! This is bar-none, the best shop in the Lehigh Valley area. You won’t find this combination of excellent service, a knowledgeable enthusiastic staff, and great products and services at any other shop in the valley. Ask for Steve, Josh, or Chris. They’ll treat you right.

You have an awesome thing going!  Wish I could work there.  Coming to your shop is always a pleasure, and you guys are always so helpful.  And…  I want to go ride my bike when I leave your shop.  You guys aren’t just there to make a buck.  You guys love the sport and are addicted to it, and it absolutley shows.  I’ve only been in a couple shops where the people working there seemed to give half a $hit about being there.  Actually I think I’ve only been in three.  The other two are in State College, PA and East Burke, VT.  You’ve got them both beat.  I’m glad it’s your shop that’s close by, and not theirs!  Don’t ever leave!   Well, it’s Monday and it’s early, and I’m only half awake…  This probably didn’t even make much sense.  All I meant was:  You guys are awesome!  Love the shop, love its vibe!  Love telling people how much I love your shop, and that no other shops in the area deserve their business more than yours.   Ride on!   Best Regards,   Marc D. Walbert

Shop Summary: One of the best shops ever opened in the eastern PA area.

Customer Service: Never left this shop NOT smiling.

From Email

I know how hard it can be to run a shop, and I just want to let you guys know that you are doing it the “right” way.