Cool Weather Riding Gear


I like to start with the Endura Skull Cap under my helmet. It’s a great piece, if I get too warm, I’ll pull the ear flap above my ears. If it isn’t cold enough for the skull cap I always use the Halo Headband. I love this piece & hate riding without it; it keeps the sweat from dripping into my eyes.

E1005BKHalo Head Band






The Endura Frontline Base Layer Jersey is great. I’ll wear another jersey over the base layer, depending on how cold, either a short sleeve or a long sleeve jersey.



If you love the feel of wool, we also carry the Endura Baa Baa Base Layer.







For a jacket, I’ll either use a wind vest like the Endura Laser Gilet. I like the fact that it has a mesh back, but keeps the wind off my chest. In real cold weather I use the Endura Convert Jacket, keeps me nice & warm, if I start to heat up, the sleeves are removable & becomes a vest, the jacket has a stow pocket in the rear that fits the sleeves into.



You should always keep your knees warm in cooler weather. It’s an essential joint that you want to keep warm. The Endura knee warmers are great!  If not warmers, go with the Endura Thermalite Bib Knickers!







For pants, again depending on how cold it is; I’ll start with the Endura Humvee shorts with Endura Windchill Leg Warmers (Leg warmers as well as arm warmers are essential pieces for any rider, easily removable, so if you start warming up, you can peel them off & stow them in a jersey pocket or your Camelbak).



Or if it’s real cold, I’ll wear the Endura Humvee Zip off pants (again, I can zip off the legs if I start to warm up). For road, a good set of Bibs are great, I prefer the Endura Thermolite bibs.



If Bibs or baggies aren’t your thing, you can always go with the Endura Thermalite Bibs. We stock them in both Men’s & Women’s.







For your feet, I like to start with warm socks. The Endura Thermolite socks are great & you can get a 2 pack for only $20.00. Be careful, if you try to stuff too much sock into your shoe you will cut off circulation & get real cold, real fast.

Thermolite Socks






As far as shoe covers go, the Endura MT500 is absolutely awesome for mountain, or for road try the Louis Garneau Power Seal Shoe Cover.








If you are spending a lot of time riding in the cold, you may want to invest in some winter riding shoes, the Shimano MW7 for Mountain or if you are a flat pedal rider we have the FiveTen Freerider EPS High, both are incredible. I have a second pair of shoes that I use for winter that are one size above what I would normally wear.





For gloves there are so many choices, in the Fall I use the Endura Full Monty, or the Giant Chill Lite Glove.


Chill Lite






For colder riding be sure to use a glove that has wrist coverage; it will assist with keeping the blood flowing to your fingertips warm. The Endura Pro Nemo Glove is great!