Now Stocking Conscious Coffees

That’s right Conscious Coffees.  There are two things bike riders like, a lot; coffee & beer.  Seeing as the lovely State of PA will not let us sell beer,  we settled for coffee.  Maybe settle is a bad word, that would be like saying we sell Maxwell House or Folgers.

I met this guy a while back, Mark Glenn, a Bethlehem native that is a friend of a friend.  He needed a bike for a few days, so we rented him an EWR, he was so happy, he gave us some coffee, not just coffee, really good coffee, & his coffee!  I liked it so much that I felt it was something we needed in the shop!

Mark & his wife Mel, own Conscious Coffees, out of Boulder CO.  Conscious Coffees is USDA Organic coffee, as well it is Fair Trade, which means you can trace the coffee back to its source.  As well, the coffee comes in a can that you can reuse, the tare weight of the can is listed on the can.

So if you’re looking for good coffee stop in & pick some up!  And be sure to check out more about Conscious Coffees at:

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