Bob Brien

Bob Brien



Bob has spent 30 years in the bike business, with more years of riding experience.  Bob is always looking for his next big adventure.  Bob loves leading Monday rides, he was once told “You make Mondays feel like Fridays!)

Year Born: 1970

Hair Color: What hair?

Eye Color: Blue/Green

Type of riding: Mountain, Dirt Jumping, anything on dirt

Favorite place I’ve ridden:  Dupont, North Carolina         

Why? It was about the experience

Favorite Beverage:  Mexican Coke

Favorite Customer:  Steve

Why? I like washing Steve’s bike

Pet Peeve:  Being told “you’re too fast,  I can’t ride with you.”  Bob wants to ride with everyone, at whatever the pace.

Tunes:  Beastie Boys, Modest Mouse

Perfect Pizza: The Gluten free pizza his fiancé makes

Best Physical Feature:  Biceps?



Ever Changing.   Currently riding Evil and Transition.  Soon to be Pivot &/or Santa Cruz


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