Men’s Bikes


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Pivot Cycles


Shuttle SL

Desert Sage

•Ride SLX – Medium



Electric Lime:

•XL: Ride GX Eagle Transmission

Bass Boat Blue:

-Lg: Pro XT/XTR

-Med: Ride GX/AXS


Trail 429


Small: Pro XT/XTR

Large: Ride SLX




Medium: Ride GX/X0



Blue Mirage

Medium: GX/AXS

Large: Ride GX/X01



Small: Ride GX/X0



Firebrick Red

Large: Team Force/X01 Wide Range w/ Carbon Wheels


Santa Cruz Bikes


Santa Cruz Heckler

Gloss Avocado Green

•XT Kit – Large

Was: $11,149.00, NOW ONLY: $7999.00


Santa Cruz Hightower 3C

Gloss Ocean Blue

Medium: GX-AXS


Santa Cruz Tallboy 5C

Gloss White

Medium: GX AXS Kit w/ Reserve Wheels



Santa Cruz 5010 CC


Large: X01 Kit

Santa Cruz Factory Sale! Was: $8449.00, NOW ONLY: $7199.00



Giant Bicycles

Looking for a Giant bike on our website and don’t see the one you want?  Please check out the Giant website at   On the Giant site , you can find the models best suited for your riding style. When you find a model (or models) of interest, give us a call to find out if we have the bike on back-order. If so, we can add your name to the list (no financial obligation) and we’ll call you when the bike is available to check out and a test ride.


Giant Road Bikes


TCR Advanced 1+Disc AR

Misty Forest: M/L


Panther: Large

WAS: $4500.00 NOW ONLY: $3500.00


Giant Defy Advanced 1

Orion Nebula: Medium/Large or Large

WAS: $3900.00 NOW ONLY: $3500.00

Carbon/Starry Night: Medium

WAS: $3900 NOW ONLY: $3500.00

Carbon Starry Night


Giant Contend AR 3

Metallic Black: Small, Medium

WAS:$1400.00 NOW ONLY: $1215.00

Amber Glow: Medium

WAS:$1450.00 NOW ONLY:$1350.00


Giant Contend 3

Cold Iron: Medium

WAS:$950.00 NOW ONLY: $850.00


Giant Cross, Gravel, Hybrid


Giant Revolt X Advanced Pro 2

Gloss Misty Forest/Matte Black Diamond: M/L
WAS: $4800.00 NOW ONLY: $3500.00
Giant Revolt Advanced 0
Charcoal Plum: Large
 WAS: $4,500.00 NOW ONLY: $4000.00
Charcoal Plum

Knight Shield: M/L

WAS: $4400.00 NOW ONLY: $3700.00


Giant Revolt Advanced 2

Panther: M/L

Starry Night: Large


Giant Revolt Advanced 3

Terracotta: Small


Giant Revolt 2

Black Diamond: Small, Medium, M/L, Large

WAS: $1450.00 NOW ONLY: $1400.00


Giant Roam 3

Metal: Small, Medium WAS: $780.00 NOW ONLY $750.00

Phantom Green: Medium WAS: $780.00, NOW ONLY $750.00


Giant Roam 4

Black: Small, XL


New Roam 4 Coming Soon!

Deep Lake: Medium


Giant Cypress 1

Chameleon Neptune: Small

WAS:970.00 NOW ONLY: $920.00


Giant Cypress 2

Black: Small


Giant Cypress 3

Knight Shield: Small, Large, XL

WAS: $670.00 NOW ONLY: $650.00


Giant Escape 2 Disc

Charcoal: Small WAS: $780.00 NOW ONLY: $730.00

Large: Overstock Sale! WAS: $780.00, NOW ONLY $650.00


Giant Escape 3

Metallic Black: Medium or Large

WAS: $560.00 NOW: $523.00


Giant Escape 3 Disc

Metallic Black: Large

Metallic Blue: XL


Giant Mountain Bikes


Giant Trance X1 27.5

Black: Small, Large

WAS: $4500.00, NOW ONLY $3250.00


Giant Trance 29 2

WAS: $2800.00, NOW ONLY $2280.00

Slate Gray: Large

Metallic Black: Medium


Giant Stance 29 2

Was: $1800.00 NOW ONLY: $1400

Gunmetal: Med, Lg XL


Giant Talon 1

Black 27.5: Small, Medium

Black 29: XL

WAS: $980.00 NOW ONLY: $950.00


Giant Talon 2

Knight Shield 29: Small, Large

Knight Shield 27.5: XS, Medium

Phantom Green 27.5: Medium


Giant Talon 4

Metal 27.5: Extra Small, Medium

Black 27.5: Small

Black 29: Large

Metallic Black


Giant ATX

Black: Small, Medium: Currently on Back Order

Blue: XXS: Currently on Back Order