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Jay Schwartz

Jay has been around bikes most of his life.  At 19, jay worked at a shop and raced cross country.  In 1995, at the age of 25, Jay opened Mount Perk Bicycles in Perkasie PA.  Mount Perk was a well-known shop in the  mountain bike community, known for their trials, downhill and dual slalom teams (Schwartz and his merry band of miscreants). 

Jay has competed in just about every style of racing, with the exception of road.  Jay went to Nationals multiple years for Trails, Dual Slalom, Downhill, and 4-cross.

Just about every Sunday morning you will find Jay volunteering, building and grooming trails at Nox.  Jay is has been involved with the Ride Nox council since its inception.

Jay just loves to ride his bikes!


Hair Color: Brown with gray streaks

Eye Color: Hazel

Type of riding: XC, Downhill, Street, Dirt Jumps

Favorite place I’ve ridden: Killington       

Why? Jay has ridden at Killington since the year it opened, he loves the trails and jump lines

Favorite Beverage:  Dab

Favorite Customer:  One bringing Dab

Why? Because he likes Dab

Pet Peeve: Any noise coming from a bike that doesn’t belong to said bike

Tunes: All over the place

Perfect Pizza: Chicken Bacon Tomato

Best Physical Feature:  His smashed big left toe and his 6 pack abs,