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Women’s Bikes in Stock 

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Women’s Juliana Mountain Bikes


Juli (2)


Juliana Bicycles


2021 Joplin AL

Mist: Medium D Kit



2022 Roubion C

Blue Steel: Small S kit
Blue Steel: Small or Medium R Kit



Pivot Cycles

9+ month lead time on new Pivot orders


LIV Cycling

Looking for a LIV bike on our website and don’t see the one you want?  Please check out the LIV website at liv-cycling.com/us.   On the LIV site , you can find the models best suited for your riding style. When you find a model (or models) of interest, give us a call to find out if we have the bike on back-order. If so, we can add your name to the list (no financial obligation) and we’ll call you when the bike is available to check out and a test ride


Women’s Gravel/Hybrid


2022 LIV Devote Advanced2 * Be Good Edition

Nordic Breeze: Extra Small



2021 Rove 3

Red Wine: XS, Small, Medium



2021 LIV Rove 4

Blue Ashes: XS, Small, Medium, Large




2021/22 LIV Bliss

Desert Sage: XS, Small, Medium




2021/22 LIV Flourish FS1

Grayish Blue: XS, Small, Medium



2021/22 LIV Flourish 4

Green: XS, Small, Medium

Pale Mauve: XS, Small



2021 LIV Alight 2 Disc

Slate Gray: XS, Small, Medium



2022 LIV Alight 2 Disc

Eucalyptus: XS, Small, Medium


2021 LIV Alight 3

Rosewood: XS, Small



2022 LIV Alight 3

Snow Drift: Small


2022 LIV Alight 3 Disc ~Step Through~

Black: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large


Women’s Road Bikes



Women’s E Bikes


2021 LIV Amiti E+

Rosewood: XS, Small, Medium
Class 2: Assists up to 28mph



2021 LIV Rove E+

Laurel: XS, Small, Medium, Large



2021 LIV Tempt E+2

Gunmetal Black: Small



Women’s LIV Mountain Bikes




2021 LIV Intrigue Advanced Pro 29 2

Dark Iridescent: Medium



2021 LIV Pique 29 2

Rainbow HP Aluminum: Medium



2021 LIV Intrigue

Chameleon Galaxy: Small



2021 LIV Embolden 1

Eclipse: Medium



2021 LIV Embolden 2 with dropper post!

Rosewood: Small, Medium, Large



2022 LIV Embolden 2

Milky Way: XS


2021 LIV STP 26

Black: Large ~ Fit’s Riders 5’1″-5’7″



2021 LIV Tempt 1

Rosewood 27.5: XS, Small



2021 LIV Tempt 2

Desert Sage 27.5: XS, Small
Eclipse 27.5: Small
Eclipse 29: Medium



2022 LIV Tempt 2

Liquid Metal 27.5: XS, Small
Liquid Metal 29: Small, Medium
Ocean Wave 27.5: XS, Small
Ocean Wave 29: Small, Medium, Large


2021 LIV Tempt 4

Slate Gray 27.5: XS, Small
Slate Gray 29: Medium
Teal 27.5: XS, Small







Embolden Bike


Sun Adult Trikes

24″ 7speed Red or Mint

Check out this LIV gear!

Tangle Jersey

Tangle Short

Tangle Glove








Women’s LIV Lifestyle


What is a lifestyle bike?  Steve & his wife love to go out on a Sunday morning, ride the Saucon Rail Trail, go to the Farmers Market, maybe stop and get a Bloody Mary, then head home.  Now that’s a lifestyle bike!  Running errands, riding to work, the library,  the store, taking your kids to the park.  Whatever your lifestyle, these bikes fit the bill.



Jess 2



Our bikes and our bike baskets allow us to carry the tools we need to experience a rich life. The bike basket is not simply about carrying things, but rather, what those “things” allow us to experience.

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